It may be when we no longer know what to do, We have come to our real work,
And that when we no longer know which way to go, We have begun our real journey.
— Wendell Berry

Mindfulness is a path which sparks our vitality by tapping our capacity for awareness and self-knowing. Cultivating the intention to live more fully and freely can be compared to the dynamics of a soaring bird. One energetic wing is a focused concentrated mind, the other wing is a kind, self-compassionate heart.  To soar, both wings move simultaneously. Meditation trains our mind to stay focused on what we want it to do by repeated training in staying present, moment to moment, as we still the body and relax the mind. This effort is energized by our intention to experience our basic human goodness every time negativity and self-criticism arise.

It is tremendously beneficial to create new pathways for the mind, the body, and the heart to interconnect.  As we expand our awareness to notice more and more through meditation and mindfulness practices, we come to know ourselves more fully and our everyday lives takes on a richness to include possibilities that are just outside our awareness. 

When we have more options, life comes to us as an adventure where we are in the driver’s seat, instead of being a mindless passenger. 

Because only we can do this for ourselves, mindfulness can be a great comfort when life seems more than we can handle, and simultaneously, it gives us access to our inner wisdom so our actions reflect our true self.

Free Orientation

Attending an orientation session is required and free of charge.  This is an opportunity to determine if the course is appropriate for you at this time.  Registration will be immediately after the orientation or before the first week of class.  You will learn about the course content, experience mindfulness practice, Q&A, registration forms can be completed.

Free Orientation


Do you have concerns about the long-term effects of stress and worry on your health, your relationships, work and life in general?
Are you curious about mindfulness as a means of improving your work and play allowing yourself to feel more alive during the day?
Would you like to be able to reset your "distractibility button" and live more fully and at ease moment-to-moment?
The mind/body connection is the key to finding ways to notice stress, some of which is necessary to build strength and resiliency.  Yet
much of our stress-load is fruitless and potentially harmful.  Start dropping excess baggage and lighten your load.  You'll be happier and so
will everyone who comes in contact with you.

Introduction To Mindfulness

 Mindfulness Course

MBSR is an eight week program scientifically designed to teach participants how to integrate and apply mindfulness both in their everyday lives and to the range of challenges arising from medical and psychological conditions and life stresses.  In this intensive training, you will learn to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself and find greater balance, ease and peace of mind.

8 Week Mindfulness Course